The Advisory Board meets at 5 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each month during the academic year. The board generally does not meet in January, June, and July. Its purpose, according to CCSNH policy, is to:

  • Provide communication between the college and the area served.  
  • Aid in a continuous review of the content and organization of instructional programs in keeping with the educational needs of the area or state.  
  • Advise in long-term planning for programs and facilities.
  • Advise in the planning of a student placement program.
  • Assist with a continuous appraisal of occupational opportunities.
  • Advise in the planning of development and financial support initiatives.
  • Support state and federal legislation appropriate and consistent with the goals of the Community College System.
  • Assist in the identification of needed research.
  • Advise in other matters as requested by the president or the Board of Trustees.

Advisory Board Members

NHTI Advisory Board: Agendas and Minutes


Dental Advisory Board: Agendas and Minutes