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Welcome to Our House!

NHTI offers on-campus housing to students in 3 residence halls. Housing is available to registered and eligible NHTI students. Students must be enrolled for a minimum of 9 credit hours to live on campus. Full-time professional staff members, along with student leaders (resident assistants) support students living on campus and provide opportunities for engagement within the residence halls. 

Residence Life provides students with:

  • Experience: Living on campus makes it easier for students to get involved in projects/clubs that influence the community. Students have opportunities to develop new leadership experiences, showcase ideas, and achieve outcomes that bolster resumes.
  • Supportive relationships: Social and academic support fuse together in student housing. Students have
    ongoing access to study partners and informal peer tutors.
  • Amenities: Our residence halls are equipped with TV lounges, vending machines, laundry facilities, and game
    spaces where residents can play pool, ping pong, or video games by signing out an Xbox.
  • Diversity: Our housing hosts a dynamic segment of the campus population. Students live with people from all over the country and overseas, building relationships with students of various cultures, ethnic traditions, and gender identities.
  • Convenience: Living in student housing enables students to focus on what’s really important: the future.

NHTI Residence Life by the Numbers

380 beds
1:20 staff/student ratio in the halls
3 co-ed residence halls
2 mixed gender floors
354 programs/activities offered by Residence Life last year
Lowest college housing costs in the state!

Residence Life Options


We offer students the option of living on campus year-round! South Hall offers a large, open kitchen space that allows residents to cook their own meals during academic breaks when dining services are limited. Students who need to remain on campus during breaks should request 12-month housing when they apply, as only students who select this option will be guaranteed to stay.

Students may request to live in a mixed-gender community and will only be placed in this community if they specifically request it. Space is limited – apply today!

If you choose to live in this new community, you’ll:

  • Learn what fitness is and how to achieve it.
  • Explore good nutrition and eating healthy in college.
  • Try mindfulness and the amazing health benefits of using it.
  • Create healthy relationships and learn how to achieve positive relationships in all aspects of your life.

Activities include:

  • The fitness center and fitness classes
  • Healthy eating in the cafeteria
  • Yoga
  • Healthy microwave cooking
  • Meditation
  • The art of conversation
  • Stress management
  • Humor and health

Get Involved with Your Hall

The best way to be successful is to get involved in campus life! NHTI offers a variety of opportunities that allow you to explore exciting topics, meet new people, and have a positive impact on our campus community and beyond. 

Each Residence Hall has a council that meets on a weekly basis to plan events, discuss community concerns, and purchase hall amenities. Each council has its own elected executive board that provides opportunities for you to take on a leadership role. 

Councils have their own budget (funded through the Resident Activity Fee) that allows board members like you to learn about college purchasing processes. You’ll have the opportunity to plan larger events with the other residence hall executive boards; previous groups have planned private movie screenings, outings to Canobie Lake Park, laser tag and trampoline park events, and trips to see the Red Sox. 

Each council elects its own executive board every year – look for advertisements during the first week of classes for details about meeting times and locations.

Resident assistants, or RAs, are returning students who oversee floors and groups of rooms in residence halls and work to create opportunities to challenge and support the residents in their communities. RAs are knowledgeable about campus resources, receive extensive training, and are here to assist you as you navigate the college experience. 

RAs are hired using a tiered selection process, which takes place twice a year.

Interested in applying to be an RA? Click here!

Consider joining a club on campus – it’s the best way to meet new people, experience new things, and become a part of something big!

Residence Hall Safety

Your safety and security are critical to us.

  • Residence hall staff is on duty 24 hours/day when school is in session.
  • Campus Safety officers are always on duty.
  • Exterior doors to residence halls are locked 24 hours/day and are accessible to residents with a keycard.
  • There is a panic button on every floor.
  • Perimeter alarms are located around the exterior of the residence halls.
  • Code Blue phones are located around campus.
  • There are smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in every room.

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