Becoming an Early College Student at NHTI Is Easy

NHTI offers high school students like you a unique opportunity to take supplemental college courses while you’re still in high school. These course credits can then be transferred to a 4-year institution or counted toward your associate degree at NHTI.

With COVID-19 coloring school board decisions to open their doors or revert to remote learning, you have the chance to bolster your education and prepare for your future all in one place.

Fulfill Your GenEd Requirements Here

When you’re getting your college degree, universities will require you to take a certain number of general education requirements that are not necessarily relevant to your degree program. Why pay university prices for a class you could take much more affordably at NHTI?

1. Contact Us

Because high school students cannot self-register as NHTI matriculated students, there is a slightly different process in getting you registered for Early College courses. 

First, you will need to contact Mark Bograd (, our Early College Coordinator, or our Admissions Office ( to discuss which classes you’d like to enroll in, program costs, and the registration process.

Students enrolling in STEM courses may be eligible for the Governor’s STEM Scholarship. Be sure to review the Early College FAQs (PDF) for more details.

2. Fill Out the Early College Registration Forms

After reviewing your courses, you can complete and return the Permission To Enroll (PDF)  and Early College Registration (PDF) forms for processing. Once these forms are completed, mail or email them to Mark Bograd with your payment information.

3. Access Your Student Account

Once your course registration  and financial information has been fully processed, you will be given instructions on how to access your NHTI student account.