Light bulb Innovation Lab @ NHTI Work of the FutureThe NHTI Innovation Lab is a space where students, faculty, and industry meet to dialogue about project collaboration: employers submit projects, faculty review the submissions, and students apply their learning, by addressing real-life business project needs which build their portfolios. The space hosts a network of innovators: industry members,  faculty,  and students who creatively problem solve in a partnered learning approach through project-based instruction

NHTI Announces New Innovation Lab

NHTI Innovation Lab links student work with local businesses and non-profits

What disciplines utilize the Innovation Lab approach?

We are beginning the Innovation Lab Program with Micro- project submissions in the areas of Marketing, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Gaming & Stimulation and Information Technology: areas of great innovation and technological advancements.

Why are we building an Innovation Lab & Network?

We often hear about the skills gap within New Hampshire where there are many unfilled jobs yet students whose competencies don’t always match these jobs. The Innovation Lab will address the gap through the integration of industry projects into NHTI curriculum keeping faculty and students abreast of change and workforce needs. Additionally, our college will continue to build a robust relationship with industry to meet rapidly changing needs of our technologies to prepare for jobs of the future.

The network is a free membership into the Innovation Lab where businesses have access to meet with faculty and students and to provide micro projects that they seek assistance with. The network nurtures industry connections through this project-based learning, and interdisciplinary approach to problem solving and collaboration which address any disconnect between workforce needs and student competency building.

How can you join our Innovation Lab Network?

Learn about how to join the free network, its benefits and its criteria please contact Amy Proctor at (603) 230-4001 or by email at