The NHTI Innovation Lab is a space where students, faculty, and industry meet to talk about project collaboration:

  • Employers submit projects.
  • Faculty review the submissions.
  • Students apply their learning by addressing real-life business project needs.

The space allows us all to creatively problem solve in a partnered learning approach through project-based instruction.

The Brains Behind the Innovation Lab

NHTI Innovation Lab

The skills gap in N.H. is such that there are many unfilled jobs, and students  competencies do not always match these jobs. The Innovation Lab addresses this gap by integrating industry projects into the NHTI curriculum! This keeps us all aware of changes to workforce needs to prepare for jobs of the future.

Do you need help with a business project? The Innovation Labs business network is a free membership where you gain access to faculty and students and can provide microprojects that you need help with. The network nurtures industry connections through this project-based learning and interdisciplinary approach to problem solving and collaboration.

What Programs Use the Innovation Lab?

The Innovation Lab supports microproject submissions in marketing, hospitality, manufacturing, gaming, and IT – all areas of great innovation and technological advancements.

How Can I Join the Innovation Lab?

Learn about how to join the free business network and about the benefits and criteria by calling the Learning Commons Library at 603-230-6484 x4201 or by emailing [email protected].

Submit a Project to the Innovation Lab

Join our Innovation Lab by submitting a project on which we can help collaborate and find a solution! Simply fill out the form below and our staff will be in touch. Thank you!

Innovation Lab Request Form