career resources at NHTI

NHTI helps you to uncover and pursue your career goals no matter where you are in your college and career journey.

Looking for an internship or employment off-campus? Our online NHTI job board features postings from employers eager to hire NHTI students and alumni. Get interview tips, learn networking strategies, build a resume (or upload one you’ve created), and view postings exclusive to NHTI.

Looking to work on campus? Contact the Financial Aid Office to determine eligibility and to view work study opportunities.

Academic Advising: Your Career Consultants

Each NHTI student is assigned an academic advisor who will help you identify your personal, academic, and career goals, develop a corresponding educational/career plan, and track your progress.

Contact Academic Advising

Unsure About Your Career Direction?

It’s also common for students to change their minds about their career choices as they experiment with possibilities. Here are some tools to help you identify career and academic options that fit like a glove.

Have Questions About Careers?

Sometimes we have a vision of what it’s like to work in a certain career field, but that vision may not match the reality of the work. Wouldn’t you rather know what you’re getting into before putting tons of time and energy (and money) into a career interest? 

You have what it takes to play detective to do some digging and learn about career areas that interest you!

  • Write down a career field that interests you and brainstorm a list of different ways you could learn about and explore this interest. 
  • Click on the first link below to see how you did.

Chances are, you came up with some exploration strategies, including ideas for exploring career areas that interest you. Here are a few other tools to support and guide you in exploring and test-driving your career interests:

Post a Job or Internship

We appreciate your interest in employing NHTI students and alumni. To support your recruitment efforts, we’ve partnered with College Central Network, an online job board system, utilized by our students and alumni to search for employment and internship opportunities.   

If you do not already have an account with College Central Network, you can create one. There is no charge for this service; it’s free to employers! Once your account is approved (usually within 24 hours), you can post your available positions.  

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