Passion & Progress: How to Elevate Your Career

with Danielle Avila & Laura Bettencourt


Wednesdays, May 1-May 22, 2024; In-person on May 1 and May 15; 6-8pm; Online Webinar on May 8 and 22; 6-7pm

As dental hygienists and assistants are immersed in the operatory, struggling with the demanding clinical responsibilities of patient care, this immersion can inadvertently set in motion a journey toward burnout, a train of thought that many fail to recognize until it's too late. This course aims to shed light on this phenomenon, guiding participants to break free from the burnout trajectory by emphasizing the importance of ongoing skill development and proactive networking within their professional community. These aspects are not only vital for staying current in the dynamic dental landscape but are also indispensable for the continual evolution of the developing clinicians' scope of practice. Additionally, we explore the elements of understanding how we learn, communicate effectively, and maintain balance, providing the foundational pillars for a sustained and thriving career in the dental profession.

Course Objectives:

  1. Learn to break down your fears and use your strengths to remove limiting beliefs.
  2. Discover your confidence and learn systems for success.
  3. Develop growth within yourself and the skills needed to harness innovations and technologies.
  4. How to effectively communicate with your patients and team members so that you can create a positive work environment.
  5. Develop a personalized plan for continuous professional development, ensuring ongoing competence and adaptability in response to advancements in dental practices and methodologies.

Audience:  Registered Dental Hygienists and/or dental assistants looking for more within their careers and wanting to prevent burnout and overwhelm in their career.

Prerequisite:  Clinical RDH/Dental Assistant

Pre-Requirement: The Clifton Strengths Top 5 Finder Assessment should be completed and submitted one week before the start of class.  The link to purchase the assessment is: 

Required Course Material:  A PDF of the LD Coaching SHINE workbook will be provided.




Sweeney Hall

NHTI Campus
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Room: 311