February 16, 2021

As part of our ongoing series that highlights NHTI alumni, the following blog post is written by Mike Farina, 1971 graduate in Electrical Engineering Technology. He’s the reason why NHTI received $5,000 in scholarship funds (through his employer) for 2020/2021 to support our freshman Electrical Engineering Technology students.  

Electrical Engineering Technology at NHTIEarly in my life, I had definitive goals for my career and aspirations for my life – some would call them unrealistic given my very modest starting point. I had no money and did not want to burden my parents with the cost of my secondary education; I had three other brothers, all of whom were smarter than me and more deserving. Nevertheless, I felt with hard work and diligence, I could do great things. All I needed was a solid platform from which to launch. Once I had some essential skills and credentials, I could take it from there.

I was also highly ambitious, a trait that comes from impatience. I did not want to languish for four years when I could learn all I needed to in just two. Being pragmatic, I saw life in scientific terms; the path I chose was for a STEM secondary education.

NHTI was initially an unlikely choice, but then I spoke to previous grads and asked if my thoughts about it as a launching pad were rational. I spoke with the professors about why they were at NHTI, given they could be anywhere else; the same concept emanated about enabling and empowering students to launch into careers and life. So, I began at NHTI. I was thoroughly challenged in an academic manner as never before, but I was also surrounded by some of the brightest folks I had ever met, all with similar ambitions. And in the end it worked.

I have met or exceeded my lofty goals. My education at NHTI positioned me for career opportunities that took me all around the world, working and living for a substantial portion of my career outside of the U.S. I have worked for very large corporations. I have been a corporate officer of a publicly traded company. I founded a successful start-up venture.

NHTI taught me was to work as smart as possible. And that propelled my career and my life.

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