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Visual Arts Capstone Practicum

A capstone experience in which students will create an independent body of work and demonstrate their ability, present it in a professional manner, document the artwork photographically, curate their exhibition, and write their Artist Statement. The work from the Capstone Exhibition will also be included in the student’s Program Exit Portfolio. The student will select […]

Ceramics II

In this second level of ceramics, students will be asked to develop a body of artwork that reflects a growing understanding of building techniques and surface treatment. The development of personal direction and an individual artistic voice will be stressed. Projects will be concept driven, expecting students to be able to visually and verbally demonstrate […]

Photography II

This course is designed to help the student who has basic darkroom and exposure/development skills further her/his understanding of the principles and techniques of black and white photography. Assignments will focus on both technical and aesthetic concerns.  Class topics include still life composition, the use of fiber paper, toning, studio lighting, portraiture, street photography, photojournalism, […]

Painting II

This course involves further development of skills and concepts covered in FA 120 (Introduction to Oil Painting) while emphasizing individual expression within the parameters of structured studio projects. This course is intended to advance the student’s understanding of visual organization and design through the development of a personal painting vocabulary. (Prerequisite: VRTS 120C.)

Life Drawing

This advanced drawing class builds upon the aesthetic, technical, and conceptual foundation established in Introduction to Drawing (VRTS 101C) with an emphasis on the human form. The student will aim to develop a knowledge of and a sensitivity to the structure, anatomy, and expressive qualities of the human form in a variety of ways including […]

Drawing II

This advanced drawing class builds upon the aesthetic, technical, and conceptual foundation established in VRTS 101C (Introduction to Drawing). This observational drawing course will develop greater technical facility with materials and explore methods for translating and interpreting one’s environment onto a drawing. As conceptual options and skill with materials increase, drawing will become a stronger […]

Introduction to Illustrator CC

This course is structured to introduce students to the powerful tools of Adobe Illustrator (Ai) for manipulating images, building multimedia online graphics, and creating page layout applications. Students learn skills and techniques for editing images and creating effective digital graphics for a variety of online and print applications. The course topics cover Illustrator tools, layers, […]

Introduction to Photoshop

This course is structured to introduce students to the powerful tools of Photoshop for manipulating digital images, photomontage and page layout applications. The course topics cover Photoshop tools, photo corrections, working with selections, and layer basics. The use of masks and channels, typographic design, and vector drawing techniques are also covered. In addition, assignments will […]

Digital Photography

This course addresses digital camera operation, a variety of file types, digital photo editing and printing procedures. Digital camera capabilities will be learned through a series of project-based assignments, lectures, demonstrations, and critiques. Formal emphasis is placed on the creative use of camera controls, composition, exposure, digital imaging software (including Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop®) and […]

Introduction to Ceramics

This introduction to ceramics will focus on studio work leading to the completion of five projects. Students will learn the basics of handbuilding, the potter’s wheel, kiln firing, glazing, and surface embellishment. Class time will be made up of instructor’s demonstrations, group critiques, and individual studio work. Projects will stress the sculptural potential of clay […]

Introduction to Figural Sculpture

This course is an introduction to basic human figural sculpture, designed to develop the student’s understanding of the anatomical structures of the human figure, gestural forms, constructive methods, and then applying this knowledge to create unique character and figural sculptures in traditional sculpting media, such as wire, wax, plaster, and clay. The emphasis in imagery […]

Introduction to Photography

This introductory photography course is designed to familiarize students with basic film photography and beginner darkroom techniques.  Students are instructed in the use and care of a 35mm manual film camera, film developing and darkroom printing techniques. Assignments are designed to cover a variety of shooting situations and the expectation is that students will apply […]