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Recreation and Leisure Internship

The internship offers the opportunity to put learned theory to practical application in a supervised work environment. Students are required to complete a minimum of 90 hours and complete a […]

Principles of Therapeutic Recreation

This course provides an overview of the Therapeutic Recreation. Students will examine the history and professional opportunities with an emphasis on understanding the people who are served, their disabilities and […]

Leadership for Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services

Leadership is a key cornerstone for a successful recreation, parks and leisure program. Students will learn the basic concepts, principles, character, techniques, strategies, and problems of leading in the recreation […]

Outdoor Recreation

This is an introductory course on the fundamental concepts of leisure and outdoor recreation.  Students will look at how leisure is used to experience nature and its influence on the […]

Risk Management in Recreation

This course provides a proactive approach to addressing the planning, logistics, and risk management involved in conducting recreation programs. Students will create a risk assessment plan and develop emergency protocols […]

Recreation Program and Planning

Students will plan, develop, implement and evaluate recreation and leisure programs. Topics include programming principles, types of programs, publicity, budgeting, supervision, evaluation, facilities and equipment management.

Introduction to Recreational Activities

The recreational activities course is an array of different types of sporting activities used in park and recreation facilities. The student will be exposed to various outdoor and indoor activities […]

Introduction to Recreation and Leisure Studies

This course discusses the theories of leisure, play, and recreation, emphasizing the role leisure plays in modern society. Students will concentrate on psychological aspects of recreation and how it impacts […]

Introduction to Golf

This course teaches the basic rules of golf, instructs students on the fundamental skills (putting, short-game and full swing), and discusses the etiquette that governs behavior on the course.

Basic Weight Training

This physical activity skills course provides instruction in basic muscle strength and muscle endurance training using free weights, machines, and body weight (core). Safe and effective exercise techniques, programming (progression), […]