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This course is a continuation of  CAD 101C and CAD 102C. Emphasis is placed on 3-D parametric solid modeling using Autodesk Mechanical Desktop. Student will develop skills and utilize techniques to produce geometric profiles that serve as a database for the production of 3-D models, working drawings, bill of materials and exploded views of assembled […]


A continuation of CAD 101C into more advanced concepts in Computer Aided Drawing. Topics include wire frame, surface and solid modeling as well as techniques to improve productivity. This course does not meet requirements for MET/MFT programs. (Prerequisite: CAD 101C)


Basic Training in the use of Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) including entity creation, editing, dimensioning, file management, and plotting. A “hands on” approach will be taken while using PC based AutoCAD software. Applications will be taken from a variety of disciplines. This course does not meet requirements for the MET/MFT programs.