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Organic Chemistry

An introduction to the nomenclature, structure, and reactions of organic compounds. Lab. (Prerequisites: CHEM 104C, or CHEM 105C or equivalent with a grade of “C” or higher, or permission of […]

Introduction to General, Organic, and Biochemistry

This course is designed for students who need an introductory chemistry course that covers the fundamentals across inorganic, organic and biological chemistry.  This course focuses on the chemistry and chemical […]

Introduction to Forensic Science

An overview of the multidisciplinary field of the forensic sciences.  This course combines classroom lecture and laboratory analysis of samples from hypothetical criminal investigations to demonstrate the role of science […]

Brewing: The Science Behind Beer

This course explores both the most basic and more complex chemical reactions that take place during the production of beer, as well as discussing the microbiology and how it impacts […]

Introduction to Biochemistry

A course designed to provide allied health students with the basic principles of the chemistry of living processes. Includes the study of macromolecules, metabolic pathways, energy transformations, and enzyme action. […]


This is an introductory and cursory course in which the fundamental principles of chemistry are developed. Included are topics in atomic structure, chemical bonding, electronic configuration and the Periodic Table, […]

General Chemistry II

A continuation of CHEM 103C. Topics include gases and gas laws, solutions, acid-base chemistry, oxidation-reduction reactions, chemical equilibrium and thermodynamics. Also includes an introduction to organic chemistry and biochemistry. Laboratories […]

General Chemistry I

Fundamental laws and concepts of chemistry, including elements, atomic structure, the periodic table, chemical bonding, compounds, chemical equations, and stoichiometry. Laboratories are used to reinforce concepts presented in lectures and […]

Introductory Chemistry

An introductory course in chemistry intended to satisfy the chemistry admission requirement for NHTI health-related degree and certificate programs. Consideration will be given to fundamental atomic theory, chemical arithmetic, kinetic […]