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Building Inspector Skills (Capstone)

Building Inspector Skills course highlights the essential roles, skills, and responsibilities of a building inspector including  careful inspections and reviews  to  ensure construction  complies with all applicable national and local codes, zoning  regulations,  and  contract  specifications. Major topics include safe buildings, approaches to inspection, getting along, customer service, doing the right thing, and communication.

Legal Aspects of Enforcement

The Legal Aspects of Enforcement course provides an insight into the local government law, state and federal legislative laws, administration and enforcement, administrative and constitutional laws, property law concepts, liability for intentional wrongdoing, negligent wrongdoing, civil rights actions, and the role of the witness. Discussions particularly focus on the issues of misfeasance, malfeasance, nonfeasance, latches; […]

State Construction Laws

This course surveys State Construction Laws from legal, practical, and professional dimensions. The topics include RSA’s regarding Structure of Laws & Rules, Land Use Laws, Fire Code, Building Code, Conflicting and Complimenting RSA & Building Code, and other State Laws/ agencies including Licensing of Contractors/ Architects/ Engineers, Food  Service, ADA,  and Case Laws.  This course […]

Plan Review

This Plan Review course highlights aspects of building planning review, fire protection systems review, means of egress, fire-resistance-rated construction and interior finishes review. Some of the topics include international building code plan review record, components of fire-rated construction, fire detection and fire suppression systems, and ADA based design requirements. The critical aspects of plan review […]

Construction Document Reading

This course introduces the fundamentals of reading construction documents for residential and commercial projects and drawing conventions. Section one of the course focuses on residential construction documents including the survey, off-site and site improvements, the structure, plumbing, mechanical, electrical systems, foundations and below-grade construction. Section two introduces commercial construction documents reading and applicable codes.

Introduction to the International Code Council (ICC) Codes

International Code Council’s (ICC) building codes largely guide architecture, engineering, and construction industries to build safer and healthy built environment. Building codes continuously evolve in response to tragic incidents, technological advancements, and changing environmental dynamics. The scope and complexity of the building codes require practitioners, reviewers, and enforcers to remain well informed of the relevant […]