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Natural Resource Stewardship

  This course focuses on New Hampshire’s natural resources and the relationship between healthy ecosystems and healthy communities. Specialists from the field will engage you to focus on particular aspects […]

Senior Project/Internship

As the capstone course of the Landscape and Environmental Design curriculum, this course will require the student to demonstrate integration and application of the knowledge and skills from all courses […]

Sustainable Landscape Principles and Practices

This course will introduce and examine the principles and practices required to create a sustainable environment. Issues facing communities locally and globally will be examined and discussed. Emphasis will be […]

Landscape Construction Details and Methods

A survey of the materials used in landscape constructions, the methods used in assembling the materials into the landscape and the forces acting on the structures. Included are the characteristics […]

Planting Design

Lecture includes the combination of landscape elements when used with architectural, aesthetic, engineering, and climate control uses of plants. Students work in graphics skills and develop the ability to produce […]

Landscape Design Studio

Through lectures, site visits, and design projects, this studio design course focuses on understanding and analyzing the requirements of the program and the site to develop designs that respond both […]

Vectorworks Landmark 2D

This introductory course in Vectorworks Landmark will teach students the basic functions and uses of computer-aided design (CAD) software used in landscape architecture, design, and construction. This course will focus […]

Landscape Design Theory

This course introduces the student to the field of landscaping design. Lectures, reading and problem-solving exercises provide a basic overview of historical, philosophical and technical aspects of landscape design and […]

Landscape Drawing and Presentation Techniques

This course focuses on learning the fundamentals of landscape design drawing necessary to graphically communicate design ideas. Students will learn techniques to improve line quality, lettering, sketching, rendering and drawing […]

Basic Site Grading and Surveying

This course is designed to familiarize students with surveying techniques and grading principles that are integral to interpreting topographical information and understanding natural and man-made features that influence grade changes […]

Identification and Uses of Trees

Students will be introduced to evergreen and deciduous trees commonly found and used in the Northeast. Emphasis will be on identification, cultural requirements and design applications in the landscape. Students […]