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After-School Basics

This course will provide individuals who are interested in planning and implementing developmentally appropriate curriculum with a focus on before- and after-school care that covers kindergarten through grade 5. Topics covered in this course include growth and development, learning environments and curriculum development, observation and assessment of youth, interactions and engagement, family, school and community […]

Early Childhood Leadership Seminar

This course explores the role of the early childhood professional in the workplace. Topics to be discussed include leadership, working in a team, and professional ethics. Students will develop a resume and create a Professional Portfolio that can be used for interview purposes. Emphasis will be placed on the role of ongoing professional development activities […]

Early Intervention Practicum

This 105-hour field based experience provides students with a supervised opportunity to develop skills and demonstrate competencies necessary in early intervention in natural settings (child care, homes, public schools). Students will learn how to best support families and caregivers. Supervisors will provide guidance and support needed to enhance students’ development as early intervention paraeducators. Students […]

Preschool Special Education Practicum

Students will work in NHTI approved community based settings with preschool children with special needs under the supervision of Cooperating Teachers. Students will become “students of childhood” as they conduct in-depth observations of preschoolers with special needs using a variety of tools during the 105 hours they spend at their practicum site this semester. Students […]

Practicum 2 – Exploring Teaching: Implementing Responsive Emergent Curriculum (SRV)

Students will work in NHTI-approved Early Childhood Education (ECE) settings for children in infant/toddler care, preschool, or kindergarten under the supervision of early childhood Cooperating Teachers. Weekly seminars conducted by NHTI faculty offer support for students as they explore the characteristics of responsive child-centered emergent curriculum projects. Students will document and reflect on their experiences […]

Practicum 1 – Observation, Interpretation, Assessment and Portfolio Documentation

Students will work in NHTI-approved Early Childhood Education (ECE) settings for children in infant/toddler care, preschool, or kindergarten under the supervision of early childhood Cooperating Teachers. Students will conduct an in-depth child study over the course of the 105 hours that they will spend at their practicum site during the semester. They will become “students […]

Teaching Young Children with Exceptionalities

This course will broaden students’ awareness of the theoretical and legal foundations for programs serving young children (infancy through age eight) with a wide range of special educational needs. Students will examine the causes, symptoms, social consequences and behavior characteristics of children with exceptionalities. Students will learn how to develop curriculum modification/accommodation strategies in all domains […]

Leadership and Administration of Child Care Programs

A survey of organization and management of early childhood programs and/or child care centers for the practicing professional. Emphasis will be on learning how to plan, organize, manage and evaluate programs and facilities for children. Specific skills addressed are licensing procedures, hiring, motivating and evaluating staff and parent involvement. Financial record keeping to inform program […]

Family Child Care Business Management

This course will review the fundamentals of sound business practices as they relate to the running of a successful Family Child Care business. Emphasis will be on designing of business plans, budgeting, insurance, effective business policies, contracts, pricing, marketing, customer relations, purchasing, financial, legal and licensing regulations and reports, small business management and related record […]

Child, Family and Community (SRV)

The course will provide an overview of families and family systems (including Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecological Theory) with emphasis on developing effective models of teacher/program/family partnerships. Students will identify their own biases as a precursor to exploring issues of power and privilege in society. Cultural dilemmas and their impact on early care and education will be identified […]

Autism Spectrum Disorder

This course will examine the neurological underpinnings and behavioral characteristics of children from birth through age 8 with autism spectrum disorders. It will focus on an overview of the strengths and challenges of child-centered, developmental, research-based interventions to be used in natural environments. The centrality of the family will be emphasized. Students will shadow an […]

Infant/Toddler Development and Programming

This course will be a study of important influences on infant and toddler development supported by research on brain development during the first three years of life. Emphasis will be put on the role and responsibilities of families, child care teachers, and specialists in creating high quality supportive environments. Sensitivity to attachment and the importance […]