take summer courses at NHTI to prepare for fall

Save Money on Tuition. Take College Requirements. Prepare for Fall Semester this Summer!

Chemistry, Biology, Math, English, History … Taking one of your college requirements over the summer at NHTI can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars – and, the credits can transfer to your 4-year college!

Sessions start on May 31 and July 5!

Whether you are coming to NHTI this fall or looking to transfer courses towards your Bachelor’s degree, we offer remote, online, and in-person courses to jump start your college journey in less time and for less money. 

Contact Academic Advising today at 603 230-4021 or NHTIadvising@ccsnh.edu to register!

Will It Take Up My Whole Summer? 

We offer day, evening, online, remote, and accelerated courses that fit into the schedule you want. Some of our courses can be completed in half of the summer semester, which is only a few weeks! The first half starts on May 31, and the second half starts on July 5. 

How Much Will It Cost? 

Because NHTI has one of the lowest per-credit tuition rates in the state, you can take the same college courses required by your 4-year institution for a lot less – and be eligible for financial aid with your FAFSA!

Imagine this scenario: You’re scheduled for your general Math requirement at UNH this fall for $720 per credit. The course is 4 credits, so it’ll cost you $2,068. At NHTI, that same course costs $215 per credit for a total of $860. That saves you more than $1,200!

Will My Credits Transfer? 

They can, depending on your 4-year institution! NHTI has many articulation agreements with area colleges – like UNH, Keene State, Plymouth, Colby-Sawyer, etc. – to accept NHTI credits. It’s always good to verify with the registrar at your institution, just to make sure. 

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