We Get It: College Websites Can Be Difficult to Navigate.

And we know that, for some users, NHTI is no exception. As with most college websites, we are actually a WEB of individual SITES that are connected via user experience and navigation links but house different information depending where you are in the process of choosing NHTI for your college education.

Here is a quick guide to help you find the right place with the NHTI information you’re looking for:


NHTI.edu is the place for potential students. Here, you can:

  • Get info on the benefits of NHTI.
  • Learn how to apply.
  • See what NHTI has to offer you.

If you’re a potential student thinking about attending NHTI – or even a newly accepted student looking for next steps – this is the site for you.


Lynx.NHTI.edu is the site for current students. Here, you can:

  • Find easy-to-use academic portal links.
  • View upcoming campus events.
  • Read important campus announcements.
  • Visit most department webpages.

If you’re a current NHTI student and want to know what’s happening on campus, this is the site for you.


Catalog.NHTI.edu is the site that houses everything you need when choosing your academic future:

  • View individual courses and all course descriptions.
  • Browse all of our excellent programs and program descriptions.
  • Flip through the downloadable College Catalog.

If you are a potential student looking to explore programs, this is the site for you. If you are a student looking for a course, a list of potential courses, and a list of currently offered courses at NHTI, this is the site for you.


NHTIathletics.com is the site that houses everything Athletics:

  • See upcoming sports schedules.
  • Review game scores and stats.
  • Meet our student athletes
  • Read game recaps.

This is the place for everything Lynx Athletics online.


CCSNH.edu is the home of the Community College System of New Hampshire, an organization that oversees all 7 community colleges in the state. If you’re looking for information on any other community college – like Lakes Region Community College or River Valley Community College – or specific CCSNH policies, this is the site for you.

Still Have Questions? That’s OK! 

Please email [email protected], and we can help you find the information you need. Thank you!