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Communicating Mindfully (21872)

with Dan Huston

February 3rd to May 12th, 2022

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Online Every other Thursday, Feb 2-May 12, 2022;  2:30pm - 4:30pm

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Communicating Mindfully, Dan Huston

Over the last two decades, mindfulness has enjoyed an exponential rise in nearly every facet of society. From healthcare to education, the military to professional sports teams, training in mindfulness is improving people’s physical and psychological health, as well as their performance and life satisfaction. Many business leaders recognize the benefits mindfulness can bring to the workforce, including increased productivity and reduced healthcare costs.

This 8-part series introduces participants to the basics of Communicating Mindfully, a time-tested, internationally respected curriculum that infuses the study of mindfulness with the study of communication and emotional intelligence. Studies have shown participant improvement in all of these areas, suggesting this powerful combination increases a broad array of skills that benefit participants both personally and professionally.  Participants will deepen their understanding and practice of mindful communication through an in-depth look at the ways self-talk, self-concept, and assertive behavior impact communication.

The course is designed around the fact that each moment of our lives is unique and unpredictable. CM  provides participants with the skills they need to accurately assess internal and external factors involved in any given communication experience and make effective choices about how to communicate productively based on that awareness. Through the study of communication theory and mindfulness, participants learn to identify and modify unproductive communication habits, thus increasing their ability to manage stressful situations and improve relationships with others.

Communicating Mindfully for the Workplace Schedule

Meeting 1: Getting Started: Beginner’s Mind, March 3

Meeting 2: Conversation & Listening Skills: Paying Attention, March 10

Meeting 3: Becoming Better Listeners: More Than Meets the Ear, March 17

Meeting 4: Nonverbal Behavior & Physical Sensations, Mar 24

Meeting 5: Self-Talk: Getting to Know Ourselves, March 31

Meeting 6: Self-Concept: Who Do You Think You Are?,  April 7

Meeting 7: Assertive Behavior: Tell It Like It Is,  Apr 14

Meeting 8: An End and a New Beginning, Apr 21