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Group Counseling

A study of therapeutic intervention as carried out in and through a group. The course design includes academic discussion of group processes and participation in a concomitant laboratory experience. (Prerequisites: […]

Individual Counseling: Theory and Practice

Discussion of the most widely used theories of counseling offering students the opportunity to integrate the theories within their own value systems. Counseling practice will consist of peer counseling process, […]

Sport and Exercise Psychology

This course examines theory and research of psychology as applied to athletics. It reviews the history of sport psychology as well as its application in both individual and team sports. […]

Social Psychology

This course offers an overview to the field of social psychology, a branch of psychology that focuses on how an individual’s thoughts, feelings, and behavior are influenced by and influence […]

Human Growth and Development: The Life Span

A study of the psychological implications of the growth and development of the human person with a special emphasis on the physical, cognitive, social, emotional and ethical dimension in infancy, […]

Abnormal Psychology

An overview of abnormal behavior using the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th ed. (DSM-5). Research and issues relating to the nomenclature, incidence, etiology, and treatment of the […]

Educational Psychology

Psychological principles are applied to the educational environment. Theories of learning, memory, cognition, and behavior management are used to help the student find an optimal instructional approach. While this course […]

Crisis Intervention

This course focuses on the emotional aspects of individuals involved in a crisis situation. Coverage is given to the theory and management of specific situations such as stress, death and […]

Introduction to Psychology

An introductory college course in psychology which focuses on the fundamental facts and principles of psychology within the broader context of contemporary personal and social concerns. Topics may include the […]