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Comparative World Religions

This course examines major “questions” or “issues” addressed by religion in general. It also examines major representative systems of religious beliefs including the practices, historical development, and sociological development and context. The religious systems will be analyzed via specific doctrines and writings of each. Different aspects of religious beliefs and practice such as the Absolute, […]

Contemporary Ethical Issues

This course is a philosophical examination of major contemporary ethical issues. Topics may include biomedical ethics, business ethics, environmental ethics, human sexuality, and ethics related to life and death decisions. The emphasis is on acquiring the philosophical skills necessary to guide self and others in the process of ethical decision making. Cases are used for […]

Introduction to Philosophy

This course is an introduction to the methods, problems, and theories of the main branches of philosophy and the indestructible questions raised in regard to reality, truth, morality, power, meaning, purpose, and valid reasoning. Topics to be considered include the basis for beliefs concerning the nature and existence of God, experience and reason in the […]