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Ambulatory Coding

This course presents hospital ambulatory coding using Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) coding systems for procedures and ICD-10-CM coding system for diagnoses. Ambulatory reimbursement and payment systems are presented including prospective […]

Advanced Hospital Coding

This is an advanced coding course that provides more complex cases using medical record reports. Students must read and interpret data utilizing prior learned skills from HLTH 101C, BIOL 120C, […]

Introduction to Hospital Procedure Coding

This course provides an introduction to current hospital procedure coding systems principles in assigning valid ICD-10-PCS procedure codes, expanding on and further applying concepts learned in Introduction to Hospital Diagnosis […]

Introduction to Hospital Diagnosis Coding

The course provides an introduction to hospital diagnosis coding concepts, nomenclature and ICD-10-CM classification systems. It includes discussion of inpatient reimbursement systems including prospective payment, managed care and other third […]