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Industrial Design Studio 2

In this course students will work in teams and continue to hone the design process by dissecting an existing product, analyze a market segment and redesign the product to fit […]

Manufacturing Techniques

This course introduces students to methods, materials, and manufacturing processes that translate design processes into mass-produced goods. A major component of downstream design activity involves manufacturing issues – the techniques […]

Business of Design

Moving a great idea into a sustainable reality requires a fundamental understanding of business. Successful designers understand that business principles overlap, complement and enhance design principles.  Through a variety of […]

Industrial Design Studio 1

The design process is introduced and practiced as students apply learned fundamental principles to multiple three-dimensional forms, structures, and products. Students will be introduced to various model making methods. Students […]

History of Industrial Design

Topics in history of industrial design from 1750 to 1945 – such as collaborations between art and industry; mass production; changing patterns of consumption; advances in material processes; the social […]