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Industrial Design Studio 2

In this course students will work in teams and continue to hone the design process by dissecting an existing product, analyze a market segment and redesign the product to fit the described market. Students integrate their drawing, model making and material knowledge to design for consumers. All students taking INDS 250C will be charged a […]

Manufacturing Techniques

This course introduces students to methods, materials, and manufacturing processes that translate design processes into mass-produced goods. A major component of downstream design activity involves manufacturing issues – the techniques by which materials are selected, manipulated, and then assembled. Consideration is also given to the selection of these materials to meet manufacturing and design criteria. […]

Business of Design

Moving a great idea into a sustainable reality requires a fundamental understanding of business. Successful designers understand that business principles overlap, complement and enhance design principles.  Through a variety of exercises students will learn how to approach a variety of real world scenarios, understand company expectations and anticipate employer concerns that will help them transition […]

Industrial Design Studio 1

The design process is introduced and practiced as students apply learned fundamental principles to multiple three-dimensional forms, structures, and products. Students will be introduced to various model making methods. Students address the historical context of their designs as they practice critical thinking, research, problem solving, and aesthetic refinement. Projects require sketches, models, written reports and […]

History of Industrial Design

Topics in history of industrial design from 1750 to 1945 – such as collaborations between art and industry; mass production; changing patterns of consumption; advances in material processes; the social and/or technological impact of industrial design; the social and/or technological impact of industrial design on transportation, health care; consumer goods; domestic space, and the workplace.