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Portfolio Development

This course is a culminating demonstration of the student’s experience in the AGGP program. Students will complete the work started in AGGP 291C to build a professional portfolio demonstrating the […]

Project Definition and Portfolio Specifications

Leaving NHTI with a polished, professional portfolio is one of the most important program benefits for an AGGP graduate. With these portfolios our students find themselves in better positions to […]

Math and Physics for Game Programmers

Converting scientific principles and equations into code is a critical game programming skill.  Programmed applications which use math and physics concepts will form the foundation for this hands-on course.  Increasing […]

Application Development and Software Prototyping

Current application development can target multiple platforms across a range of devices such as phones, tablets, smart devices, consoles, and personal computers. Students will study current technologies for cross platform […]

3-D Game Engine Application Development

Students in this course will use a commercially available game engine or framework. The majority of the work in the class will be hands-on using these technologies. A common practice […]

Digital Art Modeling and Animation

This course is an introduction to modeling and animation for game programmers to provide a common understanding to work with artists and designers in an effective manner. Topics include modeling, […]

Introduction to 2-D and 3-D Game Development

This course focuses on the fundamental aspects of programming, development, and design for games using 2-D gameplay. Other topics explored include an introduction to 3-D programming, single-system multiplayer programming, multi-platform […]

Introduction to Content Development

This course is designed for students entering the AGGP program to gain practical experience in developing content using applications, techniques, and standards used by the game industry. This course includes […]