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PD for Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning Summits & Workshops

Interactive sessions held in MEET with online resources.
Keynote with Jim Sill, Melbourne, Australia. Held in REMO Ballroom.



‘Virtual’ Learning Summits feature best practices teaching in remote and hybrid environment featuring G Suite for Education and other educational tools and resources for teaching and learning.   We bring you the best Google Certified Trainers and EdTech Teachers to provide hands on professional development as ‘custom training’ for schools anywhere!  If you need a full day(s) event of concurrent session choices for a variety of levels and topics, we can do it!  If you prefer learning over time – we can set up a schedule of 1 to 2 hour workshops over a series of weeks that accommodate your teacher’s professional development priorities.

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Recent Events:

Learn how to bring a Virtual Learning Summit for your organization or school!  Email Director, Allison Mollica, M. Ed, at or complete the inquiry form on this page.

August 2020 Announcement  –  After a well-deserved summer break, recharge your batteries in a fun and engaging way via the NH Virtual Learning Summit featuring G Suite for Education & other online tools and pedagogical practices.  If you want your professional development to be the ‘biggest bang for your buck’ look no further.  Teachers NEED this training, now more than ever.

Teachers want easy to learn and apply tips, techniques and instruction for teaching seamlessly online & face to face regardless of the grade level or audience.  The Virtual Learning Summit will include two keynotes about learning ‘together’ and ‘the beginners mindset’ which help open our minds and hearts to being ok no matter where we are at in the journey.  

All day concurrent sessions will help those struggling or new to balancing virtual instruction to get organized, set up and manage Google Classroom, clean up email, and automate communication.  Those looking to level up and go beyond can learn how to ‘smash’ apps and create visual expressions of learning or expand function and variety of formative assessments.  

Join us for the Pre-Summit Kickoff & Keynote at 6pm on August 10th.   Prepare for a fun & interactive day of learning on August 11th with an opportunity to enjoy an inspiring keynote, followed by a series of concurrent sessions, as well as individual project work & assistance in the Virtual Learning Cafe.  

All sessions are led by G Suite experts and Google Certified Educators, Trainers & Innovators who have extensive experience not only successfully using tools and techniques to engage and teach students but teaching teachers how to do it!