The BTC’s credited microcredentials meet the needs of workforce development by focusing on high demand skills. They’re for anyone who wants to learn a focused skill and/or improve professional practice. All our credited microcredentials lead to an NHTI certificate and/or degree program.

Benefits of credited microcredentials:

  • No formal college admissions process
  • Targeted courses
  • Fast track to improving professional practice and career advancement
  • Online for anywhere learning
  • Most courses are just 8 weeks!

Current Microcredential Schedule and Registration

All credited microcredential courses run at different times throughout the year to allow for individual and group enrollment. Contact to sign up.

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These courses will allow participants to learn growth and development patterns for children ages birth-5 year and plan curriculum appropriate for their development.
Course Title Credits
ECE 101C Growth and Development of the Young Child 3
ECE 143C Teaching and Learning STEAM (Fall) 3
ECE 215C Infant and Toddler Development and Programming (Spring) 3
Participants will learn foundational teaching skills to build their toolkit as a future or current educator.
Course Title Credits
EDU 101C Introduction to Exceptionalities 3
EDU 104C Instructional Technology 3
EDU 201C Legal and Ethical Issues in Education (Spring) 3
This credential will allow participants to learn skills working with learners with varying needs in a variety of settings.  Stackable to the Associate Degree in Education or licensure.
Course Title Credits
EDU 101C Introduction to Exceptionalities 3
EDU 104C Instructional Technology 3
EDU 200C Supporting Students with Challenging Behavior 3
Are you in the substance use disorder treatment (SUD Tx) profession and want to enhance your knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) to advance their careers? Are you new to the profession and looking to boost your KSAs? Are you the family or friend of someone experiencing addiction? These microcredential courses introduce you to the behaviors of someone with a substance use disorder and the emotional and mental aspects and impacts of addiction. Both courses are embedded in NHTI’s Human Service and Addiction Counseling associate degrees.
Course Title Credits
ADCL 120C Survey of Addictive Behavior 3
ADCL 235C Physiology and Pharmacology of Addiction 3
Interested in a STEM career? Need to boost your math skills to prepare? This microcredential will provide you with a strong foundation in mathematics to be able to dive into any STEM field.
Course Title Credits
MATH 124C College Algebra 4
MATH 140C Precalculus 4
MATH 251C Statistics 4
Looking for a career in business but your math skills are a little rusty? This microcredential will provide you with the necessary math skills to dive into your Business degree!
Course Title Credits
MATH 124C College Algebra 4
MATH 124C Statistics 4
MATH125C Finite Mathematics 4
Learn the basic concepts of business, forms of ownership, and continue to learn about leadership, motivation, group dynamics and communication style.
Course Title Credits
BUS 101C Introduction to Business 3
BUS 152C Foundations of Leadership 4
BUS 245C Organizational Behavior 4
Learn how to troubleshoot and understand a wide variety of issues from networking and operation systems to mobile devices and security.
Course Title Credits
IST 104C PC/Mobile Hardware and Networking 3
IST 109C C OS Security and Cloud Fundamentals 3
This microcredential is ideal for individuals starting a career in the addiction profession who want to help individuals suffering from the disease of addiction who are on the recovery aspect of the continuum of care.
Course Title Credits
ADCL 230C Four Domains of Certified Recovery Support Worker (CRSW) 3

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