Tickets, Towing and Fines

The Campus Safety Department will patrol the campus for the purpose of enforcing NHTI policies, providing general aid and assistance and crime prevention. Vehicles parked in violation of the Parking Policy may be ticketed, booted or towed. To view current NTHI parking policies and procedures please go to Parking and Traffic Policy and Procedures.

Parking Violations

Parking tickets may be issued for, but are not limited to,any of the following violations:

Fines Will be Assessed as Follows:
No parking permit $10

General Parking Violations

  1. Taking two parking spaces
  2. Parking on the grass/sidewalk/access roads
  3. Parking where signs prohibit/restrict
  4. Parking on a hashed-out end cap/tow zone
  5. Parking in a reserved parking space
  6. Parking on roadway
  7. Park blocking dumpster
  8. Reckless operation
  9. Failure to move for snow removal

1st Offense - $10

2nd Offense - $20

3rd Offense - $50

Each Additional Offense - $75

Public Safety Violation

  1. Parking in a handicap space
  2. Parking in a fire lane
  3. Blocking an entrance/exit or roadwayt
  4. Unregistered and uninspected vehicle
  5. Violations of the NH State Motor Vehicle Statues


1st Offense - $20

2nd Offense - $50

3rd Offense - $100

Each Additional Offense - $100

Reckless Operation $100

Vehicle owner is responsible for any tow/storage fees incurred.

All ticket fines are to be paid within ten (10) days of the date the ticket was issued. Payment is to be made at the Bursar's Office. Failure to pay fines will result in the withholding of grades, transcripts,degree and/or certificates. Repeat violations are defined as four or more unpaid violations. Receipt of fourth ticket could result in your vehicle being towed.

Should an individual wish to dispute a parking violation, he/she must contact the Director of Campus Safety within ten (10) days of receipt of the ticket, any appeal submitted after the alloted ten days will not be heard.


Restrictions from driving and having a vehicle on campus will be imposed for the following reasons:

  1. Driving at excessive speeds and/or in such a manner as to endanger lives and property.
  2. Failure to stop at stop signs.
  3. Driving on lawns, seeded areas, and walkways.
  4. Receiving 4 parking tickets in a semester.

1st Offense - Restricted from having or operating a vehicle on campus for up to 30 days.
2nd Offense - Restricted from having or operating a vehicle on campus for up to one semester
3rd Offense - Permanent restriction from having a vehicle on campus.

Campus Safety
31 College Drive
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 230-4042
Fax: (603) 230-9303