Tutoring and Support Services are available to all NHTI students whose native language is not American English. These services include individualized professional support for challenges in oral and written expression, tutoring in academic subjects, test accommodations, informal language evaluation and course placement, TOEFL preparation, and more.

ESOL Tutoring and Support Services can help students:

  • Understand an assignment
  • Organize ideas before or during a writing project
  • Clarify English vocabulary
  • Become comfortable with grammar issues
  • Comprehend reading assignments
  • Read academic textbooks
  • Document research papers properly to avoid plagiarism (a serious academic offense)
  • Summarize authors’ ideas so writing is improved
  • Prepare and practice oral presentations

Our support services include:

  • Testing accommodations for ESOL’s
  • Support in communicating with faculty, registrar’s office, admissions, etc.
  • Individualized English study skills
  • Practice with pronunciation, listening comprehension, idioms
  • Computer and word processing assistance
  • TOEFL and TSE preparation and more

To make a tutoring appointment or testing accommodations:  please visit Rosie Smith (mail to rhughessmith@ccsnh.edu), Coordinator/Tutor at LIB 135.