Writing Center

Writing Tutoring: Come See a Tutor in Library 135 or Work with One Online!

An English instructor is available to tutor you on any writing assignments or projects, including lab reports, essays, research papers, narratives, creative pieces, resumes, and college application essays. We help with all stages of the writing process including selecting a topic, prewriting activities, revising, MLA and APA citations, and editing.

Call 230-4027 or stop in to make an appointment.

Writing Center Hours in Library 135

Help is available for any stage of the writing process:

  • tackling a writing assignment
  • brainstorming ideas for a paper
  • conquering writer's block
  • revision
  • objective feedback
  • grammar and editing
  • the research process and MLA or APA format

A writing conference is...

  • a conversation about writing
  • a collaborative experience between a writer and a tutor
  • a time to focus on writing issues YOU want to talk about

Some examples of what you might bring to the Writing Center:

  • lab report
  • research paper
  • outline
  • persuasive piece
  • article summary
  • observation report
  • short story
  • poem
  • creative nonfiction
  • reading response
  • journal
  • speech
  • narrative
  • literature analysis
  • resume
  • cover letter
  • college application
  • scholarship application

Preparing for your conference:

  • Bring the assignment description.
  • Bring your draft.
  • Know your goals for the session.

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