What Students Say

“Nothing felt better than seeing a student who is very confused about a certain area of math come in very upset because they can't understand the concept, only to walk out in 30 minutes thanking you over and over again because it makes sense now. To me, nothing was more satisfying this whole semester and I appreciate the chance to make an impact on others in this positive way.”
Peer tutor who was initially reluctant to work in the Math Lab

“The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) is extremely vital and has already made some incredible improvements in my learning style. I am your typical 'worst luck' case. I dropped out of school, so ALL of this is new to me. Truthfully, I know more about mathematics now than I have my entire life. The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) has pointed me in the right direction and I am thrilled.”
Student who considered dropping out of college.

“The set up for Accounting tutoring is perfect. With lots of hours, I can come in almost anytime to get excellent tutoring for free. She answered questions one-on-one or on the board if more than one student had the same question.”
Student in AC102 who worked with professional tutor

“Our tutor was great. She helped us review for exams and guided us with review questions on Sunday evenings. In the weeks we didn't meet, she emailed us questions and answers. The tutoring definitely had an impact on my success.”
Student in Oral Anatomy who worked with Dental Hygiene professional tutor

“I want to thank you so much for helping me turn my semester around; what a difference you made in my attitude, approach, and results.”
Student in Nursing IIB who worked with professional nursing tutor

“Tutoring has helped me reinforce and use the information I've learned in classes.”
A&P and Biology peer tutor

“I recently recommended NHTI to a potential student who is very uncomfortable with her math foundation. I specifically encouraged her to attend NHTI SOLELY for the wonderful support of MATH LAB and TUTORS!!”
Student who used Math Lab extensively

“I liked the tutor's style. He used quite a few real world applications when explaining concepts and that helped me relate to the material. In the group session, I heard him answer questions I hadn't thought of.”
Student in EL115 who worked with EET professional tutor

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