Tutoring in Other Disciplines

Tutoring programs at NHTI include open labs and tutorials for A&P and Biological Sciences, Math Lab, Writing Center, Study Skills and Reading Center, peer tutoring, and group study sessions. These services are free to students seeking to improve their academic performance. During tutoring sessions, students may ask questions, learn at their own pace, and receive immediate feedback. Students requesting tutoring meet with a Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) academic advisor to discuss their learning strengths and challenges, and refresh essential study skills such as organizing time and materials, taking lecture notes, reading and studying textbooks, and preparing for tests.

What tutoring programs does the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) offer?
Tutoring programs include the Math Lab, Writing Center, Study Skills and Reading Center, drop-in lecture tutoring and open lab for A&P and Biological Sciences, and the Peer Tutor Program.

A&P/Biology tutoring and Math Lab are drop in; the Writing and Study Skills & Reading Centers are by appointment although drop-ins are welcome if the time has not been reserved by another student.

The Peer Tutor Program is by appointment only and assigns outstanding NHTI students to other students who would like to improve their grades or who are experiencing academic difficulties. During tutoring appointments, students benefit from the opportunity to ask questions, learn at their own pace, and receive immediate feedback. Students and tutors meet regularly through the semester for approximately one hour each week.

Do I need a referral from my professors to work with Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) tutors?
No, no referral is needed.

Is there a charge for tutoring services?
No, tutoring services are free to NHTI students.

How can I request a peer tutor?
To request a tutor, come to the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE). You will be asked to complete a short application and meet with the Tutoring Coordinator to discuss your needs and arrange for the appropriate assistance.

How long does it take to get a tutor after I submit my request and meet with the Tutoring Coordinator?
Tutoring appointments are scheduled individually. Therefore, they are subject to tutor availability in the course in which you have requested help, and depend on finding mutually convenient times around classes, work, and other commitments. If no tutor is immediately available, your professor will be contacted to recommend one.

Where and when will I meet my tutor?
Most tutoring sessions are held in the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE). Peer tutors contact students directly to schedule appointments at mutually convenient times. You may not receive tutoring at a time when you are scheduled to be in class or lab. Tutoring in A&P and Biological Sciences is held in science labs.

What happens if I miss an appointment?
Students are responsible for contacting their tutor if a scheduling conflict arises. If you frequently cancel, miss appointments or are late, your individual tutor may be assigned to someone else. At the end of each tutoring appointment, be sure to confirm the date and time of your next tutoring session.

Who receives tutoring?
Several hundred students each year take advantage of NHTI's tutoring programs in order to improve their academic skills and course grades. The program is so successful that many students who receive tutoring earn top grades in their courses and become peer tutors in subsequent semesters.

I do well in my courses. How do I become a tutor?
You must have a high academic average, especially in the courses you wish to tutor, and must display good communication skills and an ability to work well with peers. Tutors benefit by reinforcing their own learning and applying what they are learning in their courses, and from the satisfaction of helping other students, many of whom state that they could not have succeeded in their programs without tutoring. While tutors work anywhere from 1-10 hours/week, most average 2-4 hours/week.

To indicate your interest in tutoring, submit the completed application to the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE).

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