Placement Testing

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When should I schedule my tests?

Students admitted to a program must test before registering for courses. Testing appointments can be made throughout the year. The sooner you complete testing and register for courses, the sooner you will know your class schedule. Remember, your scores will help determine which courses you can take. To schedule your appointment to test, call Lois Richard at  (603) 271-6484 x4291 or x 4430 or the Learning Center at (603) 230-4027.

What is Placement Testing?
It's your first academic assignment at NHTI! All students entering programs, whether they plan to take courses full-time or part-time, are required to take placement tests before registering for classes. Non-matriculated students who have been away from school for several years or are unsure of their skills are encouraged to take the placement tests.

Do the scores count? Are the tests important?
Yes! While scores do not affect your acceptance to your program, they help you identify your academic strengths and challenges, and assist you and your advisor in course selection, whether at the Honors level or repeating high school work. Students who are placed at the correct course level, with an appropriate course load relative to their non-college responsibilities, are more likely to succeed in their courses, complete their program, and enter their career of choice.

Which tests will I take? Should I study?
The Admissions Office makes all decisions regarding which tests you will take, based on the information in your application and transcripts. You may be waived from one or more tests, depending on standardized test scores or college courses you have successfully completed. You will be assigned tests in one or more of the following areas:

Math: Your score on this 40-question test determines which math course you can take. A low math test score can prevent you from going directly into college level math, and can require that you repeat one or more semesters of high school level math. This will cost you hundreds of dollars and may require extra semesters in college.

Because math skills quickly decline when you are not currently taking math classes, we strongly recommend that you refresh and practice your math skills, using one or both of these options:

Work through the practice tests, beginning with Test #1 and continuing as long as you are able to answer at least half the problems correctly.

Practice on Plato®, the Learning Center's web-based tutorial software. To use, click here or call us at (603) 230-4027.

English Composition: Writing placement is based on a self-assessment and, in some cases, a writing sample consisting of a 250-500 word essay from a provided prompt. The essay may be written on the computer or by hand. The writing sample is required if you are interested in the Honors section of English composition.

Reading: This test measures your reading comprehension skills and your ability to correctly find factual and inferred information within passages of varying length. The final score helps you and your advisor select an appropriate course load and determine if you would benefit from a critical reading course.

Computer Applications: This placement test measures knowledge of Windows and MS Office. Students scoring well on this test may register for a one-week, distance learning, or online format for the PC Applications course. Students with low scores may wish to sign up for an additional lab hour at no charge.

Learning and Study Strategies Inventory: measures attributes such as Motivation, Time Management, and Use of Study Aids. The purpose is to help you identify your strengths and also areas where improvement will be important to your success as a student.

How long do the tests take? All tests are untimed, so you can work at a comfortable pace. Plan on 2-3 hours for testing, depending on how many tests are required and on your math skills and reading ability.

If you have a disability and wish to request accommodations, please notify the Learning Center when scheduling testing. Call the NHTI Learning Center at (603) 230-4027.


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