Computer Lab

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You can use the Computer Learning Lab to:

  • Complete PC Applications labs (IT 102) and get help using word processing, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Use Computer based Tutoring:
    • PLATO® Computer Assisted Instruction has help in:
      • Math (all levels through Calculus)
      • Science (Biology, Chemistry, Technology Fundamentals, and Physics)
      • Reading (including Vocabulary Building)
      • Writing and Grammar
    • Type to Learn® - will increase your typing speed
  • Become a better learner using Inspiration for Visual Learning

Getting Help in the Computer Learning Lab

Unlike many other campus labs, someone is usually available to answer questions whenever our lab is open. We can assist you with:

  • questions about printing ("Why isn't my paper printing out?")
  • questions on how to use word processing ("How do I double space?")
  • questions about software ("What does this error message mean?")
  • general questions ("Where is the file I saved yesterday?")
  • BlackBoard questions ("How do I print this course document? Why can't I login?)

If you have many questions or need tutoring in computer use, we ask that you schedule an appointment for extended help. Contact us for more information on workshops and individualized help with computer skills if you are not an experienced computer user.

Software Available

Office 2003 Like all campus labs, we have the Microsoft Office programs (Word 2010 for word processing, Excel for spreadsheets, PowerPoint for presentations, and Access for database).

Plato® (Computer Assisted Instruction) If you want to brush up on science or math or English skills, we encourage you to use PLATO, our computer assisted instruction in these subjects. Click here to sign up online, or call 230-4027 to set up a brief appointment with the computer learning lab coordinator to introduce you to the system.

Through tutorials, practice exercises and mastery tests, students can:

  • learn at their own pace
  • obtain immediate feedback about their progress
  • have additional practice in areas and topics of your choice

Examples of its use are:

  • Preparing to take the Pre NLN (Nursing) Exam
  • Refreshing algebra skills before beginning Elementary Functions or College Algebra
  • Brushing up on physics skills before taking a physics course
  • Reinforcement of a difficult math or physics concept while taking a course
  • Reinforcing Chemistry and Biology concepts while taking any Chemistry or Biology course
  • Reviewing grammar and usage skills while taking English 100 or EN101
  • Improving your reading skills specifically for Science, Social Science, or Literature courses

For Keyboarding, we also have Type to Learn® keyboarding software to help you improve your keyboarding skills. Increasing your typing speed can make a huge difference in the amount of time you put into preparing papers and assignments. If you are not typing at least 20 words per minute, do yourself a big favor and take some time now to improve your typing. In less than 6 hours (in half-hour blocks over 2 or 3 weeks), you are guaranteed to become a touch typist! Before you begin, ask one of the staff to set you up and explain the program; then you are off and running on your own, at your own pace.

Inspiration® Are you a visual learner? Try using Inspiration Software to create 'maps' of what your know! See the Computer Learning Lab Coordinator for instruction. This software is also available in a few other campus labs.

Internet: We also have high-speed Internet access for research or access your web-based email. Please read and adhere to our Internet Guidelines.

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