Media Services

NHTI's Media Services Department is dedicated to providing students, faculty, staff and the community with audio and visual equipment and support that is comprehensive and reliable.

Reservations & Appointments

To request media assistance for your event email us at or call us at (603) 230-4063  or x4157. Be sure to include the exact time, duration and location of your event, what equipment you will need, your contact information, and if you will be needing assistance with the installation and operation of the equipment. Reservations are best made at least a week in advance, as the equipment is limited. For duplications, media conversions, video editing and digital imaging, expect at least a one week wait for final products.


Audio Equipment:
Wired, wireless, handheld, lavaliere and gooseneck podium microphones. Self-powered PA systems are available.

Dell laptops, Windows 10, CD ROM and Internet capabilities.

Sony LCD's, 35 MM slide projectors and overhead projectors for both opaque and transparent materials.

Video Cameras:
Canon digital video camcorders

Media Viewing:
Televisions, DVD players & VCRs.

Tripods, Microphone stands, portable screens for projectors, and cables.

Please note:
Most campus classrooms and lecture halls are permanently equipped with desktop computers, LCD projectors, and connections for laptops and memory cards.Services


Filming & Videography:
Mini DV, DV Cam recording of events, classes, lectures and performances. Advanced notice (at least 1 month) should be given for all filmed events.

Editing and Production:
Digital editing of videos, like Wings of Knowledge, and other functions.

Conversions and duplications:
Copies and conversions of NON-COPYRIGHTED audio CD's, Mini DV, VHS, and DVD. Duplicating copyrighted materials is a criminal offense (, even for educational purposes, and is a service we will not provide.