Textbooks & Supplies

The NHTI Campus Bookstore, located in the Library, is a separate entity from NHTI. The Bursar's Office cannot put book charges on a student's account.

Students are responsible for the purchase of all books and supplies required for the courses in which they are enrolled. The estimated cost of these books and supplies varies depending on the academic program. Students in health-related programs, for example, are also responsible for purchasing uniforms.

NHTI Campus Bookstore personnel can provide estimates for the cost of books for a given major. Students should contact their Department directly for the estimated cost of additional supplies and instruments.

NHTI Campus Bookstore accepts cash, checks, Mastercard/ VISA, Discover and Debit Card.

Contact the NHTI Campus Bookstore at (603) 224-8231.

Note: If Financial Aid is NOT available in time to purchase your books you must plan accordingly for that expense.

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