Exploring Your Career Interests

Sometimes we can have a vision of what it’s like to work in a certain career field but that vision might not match the reality of the work.  Whether you have a vision or not, wouldn’t you rather know what you’re getting into before putting tons of time and energy (and money) into a career interest? 

You have what it takes to play detective…to do some digging in order to learn about career areas that interest you!  The activities below will guide you but, before you check them out, try the following…

Write down a career field that interests you (example, Sportscaster) and brainstorm a list of different ways in which you could learn about and explore this interest.  Once you’ve spent a minute or two writing down your ideas, open the attachment to see how you did.  Chances are, you came up with some wonderful exploration strategies…including some creative ‘outside of the box’ ideas for exploring career areas that interest you.

Here are a few other tools to support and guide you in exploring and test driving your career interests.


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