Student Event/Organization Advisor Policy

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NHTI, Concord's Community College makes every effort to support student life and encourage faculty/staff involvement in student organizations, functions and activities, both as supporters and advisors on a voluntary basis. Student organizations and events provide a learning laboratory for leadership experience and opportunities to explore and pursue interests outside of the classroom. Advisors are available to help students reach these goals while allowing students the freedom and space to grow and develop skills.

Organization Advisor Accountabilities:

  • Serves as role model for the organization;
  • Meets with organization officers on a regular basis;
  • Assists in the planning and attends programs when possible;
  • Assists in goal setting;
  • Assists with budget and fiscal issues, including budget requests and fiscal oversight;
  • Assists in the development of by-laws;
  • Keeps students informed of institutional policies, practices, and mission;
  • Assists in the continued development of the organization;
  • Assists in officer transitions;
  • Acts as a liaison between the organization and faculty and administration.

Student Event Advisor Accountabilities:

  • Serves as a role model during the event;
  • Assists in the planning of the event and ensures that the event is planned in accordance with college policies and procedures;
  • Is present at the event and, with the event planners/sponsors, manages any problems that may arise;
  • As a representative of the college, ensures that the event reflects the values and mission of the college.

Voluntary Activity (no remuneration): Organization and event advising is generally voluntary. The college/organization does not provide financial remuneration, except for those expenses reasonably incurred in the normal course of fulfilling one's responsibilities to the organization. In certain circumstances, staff may be eligible for an adjustment to work schedule (i.e., flexible schedule), with the approval of a supervisor.

Liability: NHTI carries liability insurance to cover employees and volunteers involved in college-approved activities.

If the advisor is aware of student(s) engaging in activities that are in violation of college policies, the advisor is obliged to inform the students of such violations. If the student(s) continue to engage in such activities the advisor may dismiss the student(s) from the activity and/or refer the student(s) subsequently to the NHTI's Judicial Committee. The student(s) will be responsible for any costs, including transportation, incurred as a result of the dismissal. In instances where a law has been violated the advisor may be obliged to contact local authorities.

If renting a vehicle is part of a student activity, the organization should purchase the additional Collision Damage Waiver protection.

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