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All NHTI sponsored student functions are coordinated in conjunction with the Assoicate Vice President of Student Affairs and the Vice President of Student Affairs. This includes dances, lectures, cultural events and other activities. Commencement is coordinated through the Office of Student Affairs. NHTI-sponsored student activities shall be supervised by a Function Advisor and shall be attended by an authorized NHTI Campus Safety Officer when appropriate.

The specific responsibility of the Function Advisor shall be to assist the students to plan and organize the event, be present during the event, and make school policy interpretations or decisions in reference to NHTI policies on any questions that may arise during the activity.

The responsibilities of Campus Safety include being present to enforce the rules and policies of NHTI and to monitor students to ensure their conduct is in keeping with NHTI Code of Conduct.

During special activities that extend for more than 24 hours, the faculty will assist the sponsoring organization advisor to perform the Function Advisor duties. This shall be done on a volunteer basis through NHTI Forum. Three weeks in advance of the event the sponsoring organization shall submit a list of events, dates, and times that require additional advisors to NHTI Forum. The Senate shall solicit volunteers from the faculty. If there is an inadequate number of volunteers, the required number will be appointed by the Vice President of Academic Affairs from a list of faculty, supplied by NHTI Forum, who are not advisors to an active student organization. They shall be chosen in ranked order starting with the one having not advised an event for the longest period of time.

Social affairs should normally be held on Friday or Saturday unless they are scheduled to be over before 12:00 midnight.

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