Responsibilities of Student Organizations

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Student organizations at NHTI are formed for the purpose of educational enhancement, social interaction and development, and/or personal fulfillment. Below are the responsibilities that a student organization must follow in order to continue in good standing at NHTI.

  1. To ensure that all the proper paperwork has been completed in order to be sanctioned as an approved student organization.
  2. That an advisor has been identified, selected and consents to the responsibilities of an advisor. See Organization Advisor’s Responsibilities.
  3. That the student organization has sufficient funding, through fundraisers and/or Student Senate appropriation(s), to conduct business.
  4. If a student organization plans a function, the individual or group will obtain a function request form from the Office of Student Affairs, Office of Student Life, or online, and the following procedures will be carried out:
    1. Establish that the desired date and time is either open or compatible with other events scheduled at the same time. This can be determined by checking with the Office of Student Affairs.
    2. Establish that necessary facilities to conduct the events are available by checking with the Reservation Coordinator in the President’s Office, Little Hall.
    3. Be aware that ALL STUDENT ACTIVITIES, including social events, athletic games and practices, MAY NOT BE SCHEDULED DURING THE WEEK OF FINAL EXAMS, STARTING WITH THE SUNDAY PRIOR TO EXAM WEEK. Any exception to this policy must be made by the Vice President of Student Affairs prior to the week of finals.
    4. A follow-up evaluation form must be submitted to the Vice President of Student Affairs after each event. Forms are available at the Campus Activities office, and can also be found on the Student Organizations web page. Examples of events include: dances, car washes, bake sales, raffles, trips, etc.
    5. To work directly with the student organization advisor in planning and developing the function.
    6. Make certain that functions begin and end promptly and, particularly when functions fall on class days, that functions end by 12 midnight.
    7. To ensure that students show their validated NHTI ID card as their authorization to attend the function.
    8. To ensure that only the beverages and food furnished at the function be allowed, and that they be consumed in the approved area.
    9. A thorough clean-up of the area being used for the function is to be completed at the conclusion of the function.
    10. Once the function request form is complete, events will be posted on the on-line NHTI Calendar of Events by the website coordinator, and in the Campus Comments weekly calendar.
  5. If a student organization plans an off-campus function, guidelines for off-campus activities will be adhered to. Please refer to Function Advisor Guidelines for Off Campus Activities.

Office of Student Life
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Charles Lloyd
Associate Vice President of Student Affairs

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