Request for Student Activity Funds

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In order to eliminate confusion and speed the processing of requests made to the Student Senate for funding, the Senate has issued the following guidelines:

  • The submissions should be made in three parts, consisting of a cover letter, income sheet, and expense sheet (and conference worksheets if applicable).
  • The cover letter should contain a paragraph which states the name of the organization and the full amount being requested; it must be signed by the organization’s advisor. It should also contain an explanation of why this request is being made for funding. Any matching funding - whether by the organization or other sources - should also be mentioned in the letter.
  • The income and expense sheets should consist of an itemized list of project costs, minus outside funding mentioned in the cover letter. The final total must match the cover letter.
  • All submissions should be presented through the Student Senate Treasurer.
  • Any request that does not follow the budget guidelines is subject to rejection.
  • Any request may be denied or approved by a majority vote of the Student Senate.

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