Procedures for Forming New Student Organizations

Each student organization must have a faculty/staff advisor. If students wish to nominate a faculty/staff member to serve as advisor, the nomination must be made to the Vice President of Student Affairs before consulting the faculty/staff member. The approval of the Vice President is necessary to equally distribute responsibilities. This will ensure that no faculty/staff member is asked to assume an undue load.

  1. Two or more students are necessary to form a new student group or activity. The actual number depends on the type of activity being planned by the group.
  2. Philosophy and intent of the organization and its recommended advisor are to be discussed with the Office of Student Life.
  3. Final approval on the appointment of an advisor is given by the Vice President of Student Affairs.
  4. A letter of intent and the name of an approved advisor should then be submitted to the Student Senate for recognition as an approved organization or group at NHTI.
  5. The organization will not be required to have an approved constitution at the time of its first request for funds from Student Senate. However, before a second request for funds is approved, a constitution must be submitted to, and approved by, the NHTI Student Senate.

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