Function Advisor Responsibilities

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Student organizations at NHTI frequently plan activities for the purpose of educational enhancement, social interaction, and personal fulfillment for members of the NHTI community, both on campus and off-campus. Because student groups may not know all the implications as to what activities are appropriate based on NHTI rules, regulations, or State laws regarding civil procedures, it is NHTI’s position that at such functions at least one faculty or approved staff member must be in attendance. Below are the responsibilities of the advisor(s) at an approved NHTI function:

  1. To serve as a role model to the students of NHTI.
  2. To be present during the entire function, including the cleanup after the function is conducted.
  3. To make college policy interpretations or decisions in reference to NHTI’s rules and regulations on any questions that may arise during the activity or function.
  4. To notify Campus Safety when NHTI rules and regulations are violated.
  5. Should an incident occur whereby NHTI rules and regulations are violated, a complete written report will be made to the Vice President of Student Affairs.
  6. Please refer to Guidelines for Off-Campus Activities, when a function advisor is responsible for an off-campus event. These guidelines should be adhered to as closely as possible in order to ensure a successful activity.
  7. In the event that an incident* should occur off-campus at an NHTI sponsored activity, one of the individuals listed below should be contacted in the order listed:

Director of Campus Safety
Stephen Caccia, Vice President of Student Affairs
Susan B. Dunton, President

Contact Campus Safety to facilitate a written report and to initiate an Electronic Incident Report (EIR). The EIR form can be accessed from any NHTI computer with administrative rights at A complete report will be written and presented to the Vice President of Student Affairs.

* Incidents may include, but are not limited to, disturbance by a student at a function, such as: excessive noise, excessive rowdiness, appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, disrespect of authority, vandalism, violation of NHTI policy, violence to others, or sexual harassment.

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