Function Advisor Guidelines for Off-Campus Activities

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Many student organizations, academic classes and athletic teams travel to events that are NHTI sponsored but are not on campus property. Below are guidelines to consider while planning and advising your group. These guidelines are not meant to be all-inclusive:

  1. The advisor(s) act as a role model for the participating students.
  2. For off-campus events, a suggested student to advisor ratio should be set at 20 students per one advisor. This may be adjusted depending on the event.
  3. Have a mandatory pre-event meeting with all students and advisors in order to:
    1. Review the goals of the function.
    2. Clarify the expectations of students as representatives of NHTI.
    3. Review NHTI’s established regulations and the responsibilities and ramifications to the student of inappropriate behavior.
    4. Establish a student liaison between the advisor(s) and students (Student Leader).
  4. If the off-campus event is at an area that may be unknown to many students and advisors, arrange for:
    1. Information (maps, hotel address/telephone numbers, police phone number, etc.) through the local Chamber of Commerce, travel agency or hotel.
    2. A list of all students in your group with a phone number of someone to contact in case of an emergency.
    3. A list of the hotel room numbers of each student.
    4. Encourage a student “buddy” system for safety and accountability purposes.
    5. Encourage students to have their validated NHTI student identification card with them.
    6. Notify the students or student leader of the advisor’s whereabouts.
    7. Arrange with the hotel management exactly what the terms of the accommodation are, i.e.:
      1. Payment for lodging on specific dates is to be charged by the group.
      2. Phone charges, cable TV, room service (etc.) expenses are not the responsibility of the “group”, and that these services not be in effect for your group.
  5. In the event that an incident* should occur off-campus at an NHTI sponsored activity or function, and a Campus Safety Officer is not present, contact one of the individuals below in the order listed:
Director of Campus Safety
Chuck Lloyd, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs
Stephen Caccia, Vice President of Student Affairs

A complete report will be written and presented to the Vice President of Student Affairs. Contact Campus Safety to facilitate a written report and to initiate an Electronic Incident Report (EIR). The EIR form can be accessed from any NHTI computer with administrative rights at

* Incidents may include, but are not limited to, disturbance by a student at a function, such as: excessive noise, excessive rowdiness, appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, disrespect of authority, vandalism, violation of NHTI policy, violence to others, or sexual harassment.

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