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NHTI Students Participate in a Leadership WorkshopNHTInside Out:  A program to reach out to first-year students by offering a unique, personal “inside out” view of NHTI.  NHTInside Out includes two days of programming with an overnight in a residence hall.  The program covers several topics including teambuilding, time management, study skills, communication, motivation, conflict resolution, and academic expectations.  Contact Heidi Schmidt at or (603) 271-6484 x4297 for more information.

STARTERS is a collaboration between the Student Leadership Program and the Athletics Department.  It was created to provide academic and leadership skills to individuals planning to be a student athlete at NHTI.  STARTERS includes two days of leadership programming and covers several topics including civility, communication, conflict resolution, decision making, time management, study skills, and team building.  Following completion of the STARTERS program, students will be matched with mentors comprised of NHTI’s faculty and professional staff.  Contact Deb Smith, Director of Wellness and Recreation at or (603) 271-6484 x4314, or visit the STARTERS web page for more information.

Leadership Lecture Series:  Throughout the academic year, the Student Leadership Program offers a monthly lecture or workshop focusing on leadership skills.  These workshops are geared toward students who would like to learn more about the Program and become involved in future opportunities.  Series topics include The Many Faces of Facebook, Dining Etiquette, Study Skills, Leadership Styles, and more!  Contact Deb Smith, Director of Wellness and Recreation at or (603) 271-6484 x4314 for more information.

LEAP Into the Bistro:  A monthly program held by members of the Student Leadership Team to gain feedback on life at NHTI.  Students who take a few minutes to speak with team members receive a free drink from the Bistro.  Information from each LEAP Into the Bistro is used to better the college experience for all students.  Contact Deb Smith, Director of Wellness and Recreation at or (603) 271-6484 x4314 for more information.

Student Leadership Retreat:  Every year, returning student leaders, advisors, and Student Leadership Team members gather for a day of leadership development.  The Student Leadership Retreat has been offered each August for the past six years.  Typically, the day is spent at New Hampton School.  Student Leaders are provided with the opportunity to network with one another and learn new skills while mastering existing skills.  The retreat focuses on a variety of leadership skills including communication, collaboration, and teambuilding.  At the end of the Retreat, each student has the opportunity to use skills gained throughout the day to climb “the tower” at New Hampton School’s high ropes course.  Contact Jess Chisholm at or (603) 271-6484 x4382 for more information.

NHTI Students Participating in Student Leadership programLEAP 101: A tuition-free, non-credit bearing course offered to returning student leaders.  Through a series of lectures, guided interaction, and group exercises, students will explore the principles of relational leadership and learn to develop individual and group leadership skills to impact their lives and their communities.  Content areas include decision-making, goal setting, effective communication, servant leadership, organization and time management skills, and concrete strategies to implement change.  Contact Nick Walton at or (603) 230-4378 for more information.   

Additional Opportunities:   Participants in the Student Leadership Program have the opportunity to participate in Orientation, class presentations, open houses, Express Admissions, high school visits, college access programming, and conferences throughout the year.

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