Reach Your Peak Leadership Program

Discover your unique path to becoming
a stronger leader!

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Reach Your Peak is a customizable, year-long program designed to help students develop leadership skills. Participants choose their own unique path and complete a series of activities and workshops. Upon completion students are able to list the program on résumés, job applications, and college transfer applications.

  • Discover your individual leadership style.

  • Make new friends and find your unique place in the campus community.

  • Challenge yourself to learn more about who you are as a leader.

  • Select the activities that interest you most.

  • Create your own path by choosing two foundation activities and eight optional activities (see checklist below or download and print PDF).

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2017-18 reach your peak checklist


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Reach Your Peak Opportunities

LEAP 101 — 8/28-10/20* — A tuition-free, non-credit bearing course offered to student leaders.  Contact Trish Loring at or (603) 271-6484 x4184 for more information.

BUS 152C: Foundations of Leadership — Fall and Spring semesters* — A three-credit course examining the outlook, skills, and behavior essential to successful leadership. Talk to your academic advisor about registering for this course. 

August 2017

Lynx to Leadership — Mon & Tu 8/14-8/15* — A dynamic two-day leadership program held at NHTI. Contact Deb Smith at or (603) 271-6484 x4314 for more information.

September 2017

Reach Your Peak Kick-off Event — Tu 9/12 —  Join us on the NHTI Quad from 12:00 to 2:00 pm and sign up to participate in Reach Your Peak. Test your limits on the EVO portable rock wall and meet some of your fellow participants.

Exploring Your Leadership Style: Find Your True Color — Mon 9/25 — Discover your true color and how your personality impacts group dynamics. This workshop will be held in G301, 5-6pm.

Student Leadership Retreat — Fri 9/29* — Student leaders are provided with the opportunity to network with one another and learn new skills while mastering existing skills.  Contact Eric Benn at or (603) 271-6484 x4380 for more information. 

October 2017

Exploring Your Leadership Style: Personality Sorter — Fri 10/6 —  Take the personality sorter and discover your leadership style. G301, 12-1:30pm.

Managing Money with the King — Tu 10/17 — Learn how to keep yourself on track. SC 225, 1-2pm. 

Dress for Success — Mon 10/30 — A workshop hosted by Janice Severance of the Image Enhancement Studio. Learn new skills for interviews and how to dress professionally. G301, 5-6:30pm. 

November 2017

Time Management for Busy Student Leaders — Mon 11/6 — Learn practical skills to help you balance school, activities, work, and life. G301, 5-6pm. 

December 2017

End of Semester Reach Your Peak Retreat — Sat 12/2* — It’s time to celebrate your success! Join your fellow student leaders on an off-campus excursion. Contact Sarah Hébert at or (603) 271-6484 x4201 to register.

January 2018

Reach Your Peak Welcome Back Breakfast — Tu 1/19* — Join us for special breakfast hosted by the Student Leadership Team in the Student Center from 8-10am.  Invite a campus leader (coach, advisor, staff member or professor) who has inspired you. RSVP by 1/17 to Deb Smith at or (603) 271-6484 x4314.

February 2018

Robert’s Rules: Running a Productive Meeting — Tu 2/6 — Learn how to run efficient and productive meetings. SC 225, 1-2pm.

Icebreakers — Mon 2/12 — Tips to help you engage all members of your organization in discussion. G301, 5-6pm. 

March 2018

Ethical Leadership — Mon 3/5 — An interactive workshop designed to help you practice ethical decision-making. G301, 5-6:30pm. 

Mindfulness in Leadership — Th 3/22 — Combine the wisdom of mindfulness with leadership. G301, 10-12pm.  

April 2018

Small Acts: Tools to Make a Positive Impact — Fri 4/6 — Learn how to use positivity as a motivational tool. G301, 12-1pm.

Dining Etiquette — Mon 4/16* — Presented by Janice Severance of the Image Enhancement Studio. A full meal and dining etiquette class. Little Hall Cafeteria Function Room from 6-8pm. Contact Sarah Hébert at or (603) 271-6484x.4201 to register. 

End of Year Retreat — Sat 4/21* — Congratulations on Reaching Your Peak! Join us for an off-campus celebration. Contact Deb Smith at or (603) 271-6484 x4314 to register. 

Ongoing Opportunities

  • Attend an NHTI-sponsored leadership conference.
  • Hold a leadership position in an on-campus club, sports team, or residence hall.
  • Volunteer as a student ambassador.
  • Represent your major on Student Senate.
  • Participate in an on-campus club, sports team, or residence hall council.
  • Become a student representative on an NHTI committee.
  • Lead tours at open house or orientation.

*Space is limited. Registration required.