Service Learning

image of flow student to curriculum to communityThe college is committed to promoting service learning opportunities which infuse a community service experience into the curriculum of a course, to enrich the educational experience and to provide meaningful service to the community. Service Learning opportunities enhance student learning by linking theory with direct experience, giving students greater responsibility for their learning, and developing a richer context for student learning by making the academic subject relevant to real world experience.

A Service Learning Team, comprised of students, faculty, and staff, assists faculty with the development of service learning opportunities, structure, and evaluation.

The Office of Student Life also provides support in helping faculty to identify area agencies appropriate for content-specific service learning experiences. For a current sample listing of community service opportunities.

Courses which have an integrated and formalized service learning component are designated on the student's college transcript by a notation of "SRV" in the course title, facilitating recognition of a national standard of collegiate service learning.

The college must ensure that individuals at service learning sites are positively affected by students during such learning experiences. Students participating in service learning experiences must demonstrate the emotional stability required to exercise sound judgment, accept direction and guidance from a supervisor or faculty member, and establish rapport and maintain sensitive interpersonal relationships with employees, customers, and clients. Each year, over 500 students participate in Service Learning at NHTI, totaling in excess of 4000 hours of service. The number of courses incorporating Service Learning continues to grow across the many academic departments, in response to community needs.

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