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A Message from the Student Senate President

Dan Minnich, NHTI Student Senate President
My name is Daniel Minnich. I am a nursing student and the President of the NHTI Student Senate.  After graduating from Goffstown High School I began my college career at NHTI at the age of seventeen.

Within the first week I joined Student Senate and found that I liked being exposed to new ideas and having the ability to help make positive changes on campus.  Through my participation in Senate I realized that I enjoyed helping people and decided that I wanted to be a nurse.

NHTI students participate in more than thirty different student organizations.  These organizations provide students with the opportunity to gain experience and skills through leadership, service, and creating a sense of community.

I have learned that the most important thing is to be involved — whether that’s through Student Senate, another club, a leadership program, or athletics.  The more you become involved and put into your time at NHTI, the more you’ll benefit.


Dan Minnich
Student Senate President

NHTI’s Student Handbook is a comprehensive guide for campus, academic and student policies and procedures. The handbook also serves as a resource for various services and activities that are available to the campus community. The contents of the handbook are subject to revision at any time without notice. Please contact the Student Affairs Office at (603) 230-4040 if you have any questions regarding information found in the Student Handbook.

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