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A Message from the Student Senate President

Hello Students!
Amanda June  McCall, NHTI Student Senate President
My name is June McCall, and I am president of Student Senate and a Liberal Arts major. Welcome to NHTI, and thank you for seeking out this page to learn more about our school.

While you’re here, I hope you’ll take the chance to check out our many student organizations on campus. There are over 30 active student organizations at NHTI, and all of them are diverse and inclusive. There’s something here for everyone! In my time here, I’ve been a member of Stage Lynx, an editor of the student literary journal, The Eye, and the secretary (and now president) of Student Senate. My wish for you as a student is that you’ll take the chance to become a member of an enriching, engaging community of your peers in order to grow personally, professionally and as a student.

Whether it’s a voice, a vision, or a willingness to work hard for what they believe in, every student at NHTI has something unique to bring to the community. You might find your place on the Campus Activities Board working hard to organize and staff programs and activities for students. You might find that volunteer service is for you in the Alternative Spring Break club. You might set an example of academic excellence in Phi Theta Kappa, the only honor society for two-year colleges. Maybe you’ll represent your major in Student Senate and work to better the NHTI community as a whole, as I chose to do. Involvement in Student Senate can help you grow as a student leader when you represent your major in meetings as well as develop professional skills that employers look for, all while creating opportunities for everyone who joins.

Perhaps you will choose a major-oriented organization: Criminal Justice, Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Radiologic Technology, Human Service, Sports Management, Education, and Architectural, Manufacturing and Electronic Engineering are just a few of the programs that have clubs for students in those majors. If you’re a General Studies student whose goal is to be accepted into a program, don’t worry! You can still join as a prospective major, which enables you to network and seek support from current students in these programs. Perhaps you’ll find a place in a community of like-minded students, such as the Alliance Club, Environmental Action Club, The Eye, Veterans Club, Stage Lynx, Cultural Exchange Club, or the Christian Student Organization.
Whatever you choose, I congratulate you on your decision to attend NHTI and wish you success in your education. College can be challenging, and one of the keys to facing that challenge is support from your community. I look forward to meeting many new students, and I hope that every one of you finds a way to positively impact NHTI and our community during your time here.


June McCall
Student Senate President

NHTI’s Student Handbook is a comprehensive guide for campus, academic and student policies and procedures. The handbook also serves as a resource for various services and activities that are available to the campus community. The contents of the handbook are subject to revision at any time without notice. Please contact the Student Affairs Office at (603) 230-4040 if you have any questions regarding information found in the Student Handbook.

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