Moving In

Students are permitted to move into the residence hall on the day prior to the first day of classes at noon, unless otherwise determined by NHTI.  A student must be in residence no later than the first day of class unless the student gives prior notice of late arrival. Failure to give such notice, or failure to remain in residence during the academic year (unless excused by NHTI), may result in the loss of space originally reserved for the student. In case of loss of space for the above reasons, or termination of contract by NHTI, the student shall be held responsible for the Administrative Release of Contract fee.

NHTI reserves the right to assign and reassign any student during the length of contract. Assigned rooms may not be occupied prior to the day of the resident’s academic registration for each semester. The room charge is based on normal room occupancy; therefore, NHTI reserves the right to reassign any student without a roommate if he or she is unable to find a roommate of his or her own choice.

A resident student meal plan is required to live in the halls.  Check out our Dining Services section of the website to learn more about the meal plans and dining on campus.  Residence halls and the cafeteria are closed during holiday periods and as indicated on the Residence Life Calendar. Only students with extenuating circumstances are allowed to stay in the residence halls during these periods.

No student is to use or permit his or her room to be used for any commercial purpose. The sale of goods or services will be permitted only upon the written approval of the Vice President of Student Affairs. No permit will be granted to a person not registered as a student.

If belongings remain in the room after a student has vacated, NHTI reserves the right to dispose of such belongings.

NHTI assumes no responsibility for the loss or damage to a resident’s personal property. NHTI suggests that students consider purchasing insurance to cover loss or to extend parent’s insurance for this purpose. The Office of Residence Life has information about insurance policies designed for college students available upon request.

NHTI reserves the right to use public areas of the residence hall for any purpose deemed necessary.

Each resident hall room is issued the following items for each student/space in the room.  Students are responsible for these items while they are living in the room.

  • Bed that can be bunked
  • Mattress
  • Desks and chairs
  • Wardrobe closets
  • Windows with blinds
  • Dresser
  • Microfridge

No structure is to be constructed in or for a room. Permissible furnishings brought by students include the following: small couch, stereo stand, small coffee table or night stand, bookshelf, or drafting table. Personal furnishings such as shelves, cabinets, etc. must be free standing and self supporting. They cannot rest on any piece of furniture and may not be anchored in any way to the walls or to NHTI furniture. Additional items should be approved by the Director of Residence Life prior to their placement in the residence hall.

For a list of suggested items to bring with you (and things not to bring) see our Helpful Packing List.

More Facilities

There are common single sex (all residence halls) and gender neutral (Langley Hall only) bathrooms in each of the residence halls. They are all equipped with multiple standard bathroom facilities as well as one handicap facility.

Kitchen Areas
Students using the kitchen area must clean the area after each use. Additionally, trash from student rooms is not to be placed in kitchen trash bins. Students are responsible for taking their trash out to the dumpsters.

Laundry Rooms
Each residence hall is equipped with laundry facilities.  The machines are operated with Laundry cards.  Student may buy laundry cards and put money on them from the card machine in Little Hall across from the cafeteria.  Laundry cards cost $5.  Students are advised not to put too much money on their cards.  Lost cards cannot be refunded. Ironing is permitted in the laundry room on the ironing boards provided.  Students are reminded to bring their own irons.

Mailing Address
Mail is delivered Monday-Friday by the Resident Assistants or other staff members. Each student has a mailbox in their residence hall. Mail should be addressed in the following way:

  • Your Name
  • Your Residence Hall
  • NHTI, Concord's Community College
  • 31 College Drive
  • Concord, NH 03301-7412

NHTI will not accept COD mail unless arrangements for payment are made with the Stock Clerk III prior to the arrival of the package. Outgoing U.S. mail may be deposited in the mailbox located on the north side of Sweeney Hall.

Quiet/Study Hours
Large numbers of people living together often create noise and general disturbances inside and outside the residence areas. All must consider the other residents and must honor the request of any resident or staff member when asked that loud noises (radios, TVs, etc.) be turned down.

Quiet Study Rooms
In each residence hall, there are study lounges with tables, desks, chairs, etc. Students should be considerate of each other when studying in these areas. Students may use the Quiet Study Rooms at any time.

Courtesy hours are from 8 p.m. - 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 10 p.m. - 12 a.m. Friday and Saturday. Courtesy hours are designed to allow those who wish to study or sleep during this time the opportunity to do so without undue interruption.

Quiet Hours are from 10 p.m. - 10 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and 12 a.m. - 10 a.m. Friday and Saturday. Quiet hours are designed to be a time when the residence hall is extremely quiet to allow for studying and sleeping. There should be no excessive noise at other times. Students who violate the quiet hour policy may face disciplinary action. Continued violations emanating from excessive volume may result in confiscation of equipment. No parties, socials or gatherings that would be disturbing to other residents of the hall will be allowed in the residence halls during mid-semester test week or finals week.

Recreational Equipment
Each of the residence halls is equipped with some recreational equipment which is available to resident students. Use of this equipment requires that students take an active role in preventing damage or abuse to the facilities or equipment.
Ping pong, foosball and pool tables are available in each hall for student use. Students should contact a Hall Council member to sign out equipment. Resident students must forfeit their ID card as collateral for the equipment.

Internet and Movie Streaming Service
Internet connections and a movie streaming service are provided to each residence hall room without additional charge. The residence halls will get new movies through Residence Life Cinema each month for residents to enjoy.

For information about registering your computer or mobile device on the NHTI network, visit the Technology Services tab on the myNHTI portal.  (Click myNHTI at the top of this or any page of the website to access the portal.  If you need help logging in to the portal, click Login Help, also at the top of the page.  Note that you must be a registered NHTI student or faculty/staff member to access the portal.)

TV Lounge
Each residence hall is equipped with at least one television lounge.

Vending Machines
Are located in the residence areas for your convenience. Vandalism may result in the removal of these machines.

Residence Life
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Concord, NH 03301
(603) 230-4044
Fax: (603) 230-9315