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So you are considering on campus living?  It is proven that students who live on campus have a better chance of graduating! Read on to see how living in the residence halls can help you:

  • Have increased feelings of self-confidence!
  • Have improved public speaking ability!
  • Are overall more satisfied with your college experience!
  • Utilize campus resources, such as using the library more often!
  • Get more involved with campus activities, gaining leadership skills!
  • Enjoy an environments specifically created to support your academic success!
  • Have a substantially better chance of graduating!

The Residence Life program at NHTI is designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment where students may live and grow, and study within a community of peers. Each student is responsible for what takes place in his/her room and consequently may live the way he/she chooses as long as he/she abides by state and federal laws, as well as NHTI policy and philosophy, and does not interfere with the rights of others.

As a member of the residence hall community, each student has a responsibility to live with respect for the other members of the community. The residence hall staff is responsible for insuring that the rights of students and the property of NHTI are not abused.

By signing the residence hall contract the resident agrees to abide by whatever rules have been or may be established by NHTI. Rules now in effect are printed and any subsequent changes will be posted. Violation of any residence hall rule or NHTI policy may result in termination of the residence hall contract and visitation privileges to the residence halls.

Assignment to quarters in an NHTI residence hall is open to matriculated (enrolled in a degree or certificate program) students registered for a minimum of nine credits for the academic year. All students living in residence halls are required to purchase a meal plan for the Capital Commons. Room rate is governed by Board of Trustees action and may change. Board rate is also subject to change.

If a student falls below nine credits, the student will be removed from the halls unless unusual circumstances exist. These circumstances must be presented to the Director of Residence Life in writing to be considered.

Assignment to specific residence hall rooms will be made in the order in which the housing application, health form, and deposit for accommodations are received from the student.

Student bills for the semester must be paid before a student is permitted to move into a residence hall. In the event of a credit balance on the student’s account, the reimbursement will be made directly to the student.

If you are looking for opportunities like those above, complete the housing application and join us in Residence Life!

Residence Life
31 College Drive
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 230-4044
Fax: (603) 230-9315

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