In Case of Emergency

When the Health Services Office is not open, students may seek medical assistance at nearby agencies (Concord Hospital, Horseshoe Pond, Convenient MD, CVS Minute Clinic).

Medical Emergency Procedures Policy

  • Call Emergency Services in case of any life threatening emergency involving any person on the NHTI campus by doing one of the following:
    1. Dialing 911 from any phone.
    2. Dialing 9-911 from an NHTI phone.
    3. Via Yellow 911 call boxes
      Special 911 Call Boxes are located near the elevator in Little, and Sweeney Halls, as well as in Farnum Hall (near the receptionist) and on both floors of the Wellness Center. Calls are made directly to 911 emergency services by pressing the indicated button on the box. Note that calls made from these boxes are NOT directed to Campus Safety, therefore, students and employees should also notify Campus Safety that emergency assistance has been requested and that emergency personnel are en route to a particular location.
    4. Elevator Phones: Picking up a phone located in an elevator on campus and letting it ring. It will dial Campus Safety. State the problem, location and if an ambulance is needed.
    5. Code Blue phones: Available outside throughout campus. It will dial Campus Safety. State the problem, location and if an ambulance is needed.
  • Advise one of the following in this order:
    1. Campus Safety 224-3287
    2. Health Services Director 230-4043
    3. Vice President of Student Affairs, 230-4040

The Health Services Director will be responsible for reported medical incidents, follow-ups and reports. If a medical incident takes place at night or on a weekend, Campus Safety will make the report. Students are advised to follow up with the Health Services office as soon as possible.

  • Additional information:
    1. Classroom Emergencies: If there is a medical emergency in a classroom, faculty shall send the remaining students to break for the duration of the medical emergency. This will allow emergency services to respond and assess the victim without incident. Any furniture, desks, tables, etc. should be moved to allow quick and easy access for emergency services. Once emergency services have cleared the scene, maintenance staff should be called to clean / sanitize any affected areas. Students will then be allowed to return to class. Names of witnesses should be documented and provided to Health Services and Campus Safety for follow up.
    2. The first person at the scene of an incident will be in charge until someone with more training arrives. The person shall care for the victim to the best of his/her ability until help arrives.
    3. Medical information will be kept confidential in accordance with HIPAA and/or FERPA regulations.

Health Services
31 College Drive
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 271-7153
Fax: (603) 271-7184