Dr. Goldie Crocker History

Dr. Goldie CrockerThe Dr. Goldie Crocker Wellness Center is named after the founder of the nursing degree program at NHTI, Concord's Community College. NHTI began acquiring funds for the building in April 1985, with the establishment of the Sprole-Crocker Trust Fund. Memorial contributions were received from friends and family of the late Eleanor C. Sprole to build an indoor physical fitness facility. Miss Sprole was a 1979 graduate of the nursing program at NHTI. Upon her death in 1982, her family established a memorial fund which was the catalyst for the Wellness Center. Those funds were enhanced by the generosity of the Crocker family, who pledged financial support in Dr. Crocker's memory upon her passing in 1984. Dr. Crocker came to NHTI in 1969 to develop the nursing degree program. Her first class graduated in 1972, and since then over 2000 NHTI Nursing alumni have gone on to help shape our region's health care landscape. Dr. Crocker's legacy lies with the many NHTI alumni who have provided immeasurable assistance to those in need of care throughout New Hampshire and beyond. As long as her former students continue to serve those in need, Dr. Crocker will always remain with us. The contributions on behalf of both of these women, as well as a significant number of other donations from alumni and friends of NHTI, were given in love, care and hope of a dream to be realized: to help finance a fitness facility at NHTI. We are forever indebted to their vision, generosity and support.

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